4 Minute Rule

Our office prides itself on having a friendly comforting environment that you can feel secure when getting your treatment done. When you come through our door we treat you just like you are a friend or family member. We understand that there is not just a mouth to focus on but a whole person.

Learning About You

We have a rule in our office- we call it the four minute rule. This just means that unlike some offices who jump right into teeth we will take time to get to know you, your expectations, and your needs. After chatting with you and learning about who you are and why you chose us we will walk with you hand in hand through your dental journey with us.

Our Philosophy

If you are ever unsure of something just ask-that is what we are here for and we cannot wait to share all of our knowledge and love of dentistry with you.

Our philosophy is to tell the patient what they need and give them what they want.

At our office you will have a complete partnership with us when it comes to your dental treatment. You tell us when you want to proceed with treatment, how much you are able to invest and we will take it from there.

Every new patient in our office is welcome to join us with no strings attached.

Smile Evaluation

We will ask you to fill out a Smile Evaluation form that will help you express things you like and just some aspects you may wish to change about your smile.

We never want to pressure you into any treatment we offer so we let you open up the communication lines.

Once you have expressed interest we cannot wait to let you know all the exceptional services we offer to give you the smile you have always wanted.

We will take pictures of your teeth with our camera that fits right in your mouth to show you exactly what we see – that way you can fully understand the treatment we are recommending to you.

Our doctors will greet you and spend a few minutes getting to know you before going over details of the treatment they are recommending.

Stress-Free Environment

We offer a stress-free environment where you can join us to learn about the dental services we offer. We can also inform you about what your investment will be and give you an estimate on how much your insurance will cover.

Recent studies have shown a strong link between our oral hygiene and the rest of our body.

They have found that symptoms in your mouth can be factors related to other diseases throughout the body. Furthermore, diseases and medicines you take might be causing dental issues we observe in your mouth. It is said that our mouth is the window to the rest of our body. We have the knowledge and the latest technology to help you understand these links and to work with you to have a lifetime of healthy beautiful smiles.

It is better be alone than in bad company.
— George Washington