Smile makeovers have become extremely popular within the last few years. With the increasing popularity, maybe you decided that you want to get a smile makeover all of your own. However, you then remember that some results you saw looked fake and unnatural, and now you’re having second thoughts.

Well, when you schedule your consultation and treatment appointment(s) with the Dental Health Care Associates in Aston, PA, you will be nothing short of satisfied and thrilled with your results!


Why choose our dentists for natural-looking veneers?

Trusting your smile with a cosmetic dentist can be a scary decision for some people. With our many years of experience transforming smiles on a daily basis, you will undoubtedly receive superb dental care throughout every appointment. Furthermore, we have specialized training and use the best dental materials, which enables us to design smiles in the most natural way possible.

At your consultation, if we decide that porcelain veneers are the best option for you, we will absolutely give you amazing results, thereby avoiding fake-looking veneers—because we know no one wants a fake smile! We will craft your natural looking, aesthetically pleasing porcelain veneers to catapult your self-confidence and self-esteem. Our patients are simply blown away at their brand new veneers smile—you can even view our before and after pictures, too!

Why do some veneers look fake and unnatural?

Actually, there are a multitude of reasons why you see people walking around with fake-looking veneers, including:

  • Choosing the incorrect shape of your veneers—Our dentists are skilled at crafting your veneers to be the best shape (not too short or too long) in comparison to your surrounding teeth. Actually, we implement an extensive treatment-planning phase to determine these facets.
  • Poor color-matching of your veneers—This happens when the incorrect shade of white is chosen (either too white or too dull in comparison to surrounding teeth). At our office, we take into account your facial attributes and your natural teeth to custom-shade your new porcelain veneers.
  • Choosing the incorrect thickness of your veneers—Our dentists are skilled at creating your veneers so they do not appear too bulky in comparison to your other teeth.
  • Creating abnormal translucency or opaqueness—We pay acute attention to choosing the best combination of materials to create natural veneers, which avoids creating fake-looking veneers.

Our highly skilled cosmetic dentists are ready to deliver your natural-looking veneers and exceed your expectations. The question is—are you ready to have your smile transformed for a completely new, flawless smile? If so, then call us today!

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