Did you know that, back in the 1990s, pressed ceramics were first used to create ceramic (porcelain) veneers? Further advancements within the cosmetic dentistry field were made to the cement material that is used to bond the veneer to your tooth. By using ceramic for veneers, dentists around the world can fix discolored teeth, and properly color-match the veneers to your surrounding teeth; thus creating a natural-looking smile.

Why do patients love ceramic veneers?

Since the cement is very strong, our patients experience lasting results. In fact, today they are known to last up to 10-20 years, at which time they can be replaced if needed. Of course, veneers longevity depends on your oral hygiene and your eating habits, as well as your lifestyle choices.

A very attractive benefit of porcelain veneers is their stain-resistant qualities. Well, how do porcelain veneers prevent staining? The answer lies in the physical composition of porcelain veneers. More specifically, the porcelain material is made of ceramic—a highly stain-resistant, durable material.

For veneers to keep their stain-resistant qualities and last long, you should treat your porcelain veneers with the same effective dental care as you would your regular teeth. That being said, healthy lifestyle and diet choices will either negatively or positively affect your porcelain veneers—the choice is yours, so make it a healthy one!

Additional veneers benefits

As if all of those benefits aren’t enough to make you love veneers, here are a few more reasons why our patients love ceramic veneers:

  • Veneers only require a painless and relatively quick procedure.
  • Ceramic veneers offer an effective solution for patients with crooked, chipped, or stained teeth.
  • You will experience increased self-esteem and self-confidence with your new veneers smile.
  • You will be awed with the flawless and natural-looking results!
  • Veneers are completely customizable so we can craft the veneers to enhance and complement your natural, facial attributes. For instance, we can customize the color, size, and shape of your veneers.

Just think, if it weren’t for the major advancements in the field, the Dental Health Care Associates wouldn’t be able to offer you ceramic veneers today. So, lucky you—you can now opt for ceramic (porcelain) veneers!

Come transform your smile!

If you would love to transform your smile into a breathtaking one with the help of ceramic veneers, call our cosmetic dentists in Philadelphia today! We are committed to giving you and your family unparalleled dental results within a relaxing, eco-friendly office environment. We love to craft your brand new smile, so call us for your consultation to see if porcelain veneers are right for you!

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