E4D Crowns from our Philadelphia/Aston area dentists

Some people may be aware of 30-40% of all lab work is not done in America any more. The last school training technicians in this country closed many years ago. Due to the lack of trained employees and increasing costs more work is shipped overseas every year by many American labs. In an effort to improve our control and quality of our lab work, we want to make our work ourselves.

Crowns Created in 60 Minutes

Although some dental technology is over 25 years old, recent dental advancements have made significant leaps. For instance, The E4d machine can cut a crown out of a ceramic block in less than 20 minutes. After this process, the crown must be baked in an oven for approximately 40 minutes, at which time it is ready to be cemented in.

Personally Designed & Custom Fit

We will be able to personally design your crowns using computerized technology to shape, resize, and make any adjustments for a personally customized crown(s) to fit your mouth. We no longer have to leave it up to a lab technicians’ personal opinion (someone who doesn’t know our dentists or your personal dental needs).

The E4D company flies us out to Texas to spend two days with the doctors and staff so they can teach us how to properly use the machine. The lab technician who developed the program conducts the class.

So we are learning from the best technicians in the country. This way our team members can come directly to us to make decisions or adjustments to fit your individual needs. For the first time, a truly personalized tooth is crafted!

No Molding Necessary

The technology has even more to offer. This could be our greenest move to date (besides our office building). A scan of your tooth is made in order to fabricate your crown–no more impressions, no more models, no more shipping, and no more tons of waste diverted to landfills! Now, an electronic model is made of your tooth. From this model, we will craft your new tooth. This is an amazing improvement in dentistry!

Improved Materials

One of the other major improvements is the ceramic material. Many dental offices switched to metal-free materials years ago, and some have experienced poor results. The ceramic materials were not able to meet the standards to be used in all areas of the mouth.

Finally, Emax ceramic material has made this possible. We have been using the material for 10 months with great results. We will be able to offer a full line of cosmetic dentistry with the machine and the modern materials available.

Lastly, by using this revolutionary technology and long-lasting materials, we are able to offer thin, no-prep veneers (Lumineers) as well. We will create a customized, flawless smile that you dream of! Made in America by Americans. Only available at Dental Health Care Associates. We are located in Aston, but also serve patients from the Philadelphia area.

Delay is preferable to error.
— Thomas Jefferson