Dental implants are an amazing solution to fill in the gap where a missing tooth once was, for instance. They are typically made of titanium and we attach (anchor) the implant to the bone underneath your gum. Once in place, it acts like an artificial tooth so you can have complete functionality of your new dental implant!

Sometimes, if patients have dentures that begin to shift positions, we can place dental implants. This ensures that your denture is supported quite a bit more since the implant is anchored to the bone for maximum functionality and support. Also, there are some cases where we must restore the dental implant (typically 2-3 months after implant placement). To do so, we typically choose a permanent crown or bridge for complete restoration.

Some dental implant myths

Once you understand how amazing dental implants are, and you’ve seen results first-hand, you will probably prefer implants to other dental solutions (if you are a suitable candidate of course). Actually, dentists around the world have been using dental tooth implants for more than 40 years!

Even though they are of widespread popularity, there are some myths that can potentially sway patients to not choose dental implants. Such dental implant myths include:

  • Dental implants are too expensive
  • The procedure takes too long
  • The processes of getting dental implants are painful

Some ways that our office dispels these myths

These myths are far from being true. When you receive dental implants in Aston, our Dental Health Care Associates place your comfortability and relaxation at the forefront. To this end, we offer sedation dentistry, both oral and IV sedation, to calm your worries and ease your anxieties until all procedures are completed.

As for dental implant expenses, our office offers financial options from two outside companies, called Care Credit and Chase Health Advance, which have outstanding payment plans to finance your dentist visits. We also can perform a complimentary benefit check if you’d like!

Lastly, at our office, we typically place dental implants in our patients during a 2-4 month treatment phase, and then, if we place a bridge in addition to the implants, an additional 3-6 weeks will be needed. You can view it as a short-term investment in which you will reap the amazing benefits for a lifetime!

Now that we’ve dispelled the 3 common myths about dental implants, you can hopefully see that dental implants in Aston are an outstanding dental solution to take advantage of! You can call us at 484-498-2129 to ask us questions and to schedule your consultation!

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