Digital Radiography

Are you worried about too much exposure to radiation during your dental visit because of x-rays? Tired of waiting for your films to be developed to find out they may be too dark and need to be retaken?

The Safest Way to Xray

Well, no need to worry anymore. Here at Dental Healthcare Associates, we offer Digital Radiography! Digital Radiography is the safest way to take x-rays. It exposes you to very minimal scatter radiation, if any. We are even able to stand in the room while we take the x-rays with our portable hand-held Nomad x-ray equipment.

No more processing and developing films. No more wait time. With digital x-rays, the images appear on our computer screen within seconds of taking them.

We take check up x-rays once a year on our patients. It is a convenient way to see what changes there are, if any, on a yearly basis. They are reliable for diagnosing decay in between the teeth, and they help us rule out infection at the (apex) root of the tooth. Our computers are able to file the x-rays in each patient’s chart for comparison.

If patients are concerned because they have cavities that they may not have had the year before, we can show them the difference directly on our computer screen. We even have the capability of using the TV’s in each operatory to display the x-rays, so the patient does not have to move from the chair.

ICAT Machine


We also have our ICAT Machine. This machine was designed to take a picture of your entire mouth with one x-ray. This x-ray unit is unique to our office because of the detail that it gives. It gives our Doctors the ability to measure sites to place Implants. It is able to detect infection, cysts, tumors or any other abnormal growths on the jaw. We can have each scan sent and read by a Radiologist In order to diagnose any problems that we may see. It is great for Wisdom Teeth, Orthodontics and TMJ Analysis. The ICAT also greatly reduces radiation exposure to patients because the scan time is only 8.9 seconds. We take ICAT’s every 3 to 5 years on patients, and we are able to compare these x-rays if taken more than once.

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