Financing Options

At Dental Health Care Associates we make dental work affordable and worry-free! We understand that sometimes the ability to pay can raise many questions and deep concerns to dental patients. We want you to know that we offer a number of payment options to consider that will put your mind at ease!

complimentary benefit check

We participate with most insurance plans and encourage patients to come in and have us complete a complimentary benefit check. We will provide basic information about your plan and are happy to send pre-determinations to your insurance company. Sending pre-determinations gives a better look on how your specific plan covers certain procedures.

No insurance? No problem!

When you pay in full for your services we offer a 5% courtesy if you pay with check, cash, or debit for anyone under the age of 62.

Any patient at the age of 62 and older, we will extend a 10% senior citizen courtesy when you pay with check, cash, or debit for your services at the time of your visit. Another option for our patients to save money is something we introduced in 2010, the Dental Assistance Savings Plan. This is offered to our non-insured patients and patients that have insurance that we do not participate with.

It has been a huge success and the savings for our patients have been financially rewarding for them. You simply pay a yearly premium and can take advantage of a package full of discounts. You can even save 5% on your premium if you choose to have us auto-renew your plan the following year! This plan cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan we participate with. The Dental Assistance Savings plan is the way to go!

Financial Options

We offer a outside financial option in our office, Care Credit, to assist financing for minimal to big treatment.

Care Credit offers interest free payment plans and interest plans with an extended amount of time to pay your balance off.

Our team members will gladly assist our patients with filling out an application in our office or supply any additional details regarding which company may be a better fit for you. Care Credit features a user friendly website for obtaining information and even filling out applications if you choose to plan ahead or do it on your own. Feel free to visit them at We may recommend one financing company over another for your specific treatment, so one of our team members will be happy to give you the benefits and help guide you in making the decision for a plan that best meets your financial needs.


Don’t forget to check out the coupons we have circulating daily in our local and surrounding areas and the coupons posted on our website! Coupons may include referral credits, monthly specials on specific procedures, and complimentary consultations on our newest and latest feature added in the office.

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