Do you or your family members have unrelenting anxieties or fears about going to the dentist? Do you want an amazing smile, but don’t want to experience pain at the dentist office? Are you hoping that one day you can have a nearly painless dental experience so you don’t have to be fearful any longer?

Our pain-free dentists are here for you!

Well your hopes and wishes have come true! At the our dental office, our dentists place your comfortability and relaxation at the forefront, while we deliver unparalleled dental results.

We want you and your family to be healthy, happy, and comfortable from the minute you walk through our front doors until the minute you leave! Our friendly, professional staff takes pride in giving you excellent service, coupled with meeting your relaxation needs at our office.

Whether you come to our office for a routine checkup, or if you need extensive dental work done, we will ease your fears and anxieties for a painless dental experience. Your dental health is undoubtedly in great hands at our dental office.

How do we offer a pain-free dental experience?

Actually, at Dental Health Care Associates, there are 4 ways in which we ensure a painless dental experience, which include:

  1. Sedation dentistry—We offer sedation dentistry to patients who must receive more elaborate and extensive dental treatments. Using our sedation dentistry service, you can sleep throughout the entire procedure, and wake up when everything is finished! Our sedation dentistry is administered safely and effectively, and closely monitored throughout your entire procedure.
  2. Low vibration hand pieces—Since we use electric hand pieces to perform your services, you will not experience loud sounds and heavy vibrations, which can sometimes lead to discomfort or irritability. Our innovative equipment, such as our laser we use for surgeries, allows us to complete your service without the need for stitches, and to reduce the time it takes to heal after your procedure.
  3. Painless injections—By applying a topical solution to your gums before the injection, coupled with our 52 years of combined experience, you can experience how it feels to get an injection without the pain! Also, we use Oraquix during your teeth cleaning appointment to relieve sensitivity or discomfort. Lastly, the cavitron machine allows our hygiene department to reduce tissue trauma caused be some dental instruments.
  4. Relaxing, comfortable office environment with various amenities—For your comfort and convenience, you can take advantage of our massage chairs, listen to relaxing music throughout our entire office, and you can even watch your favorite television show in our treatment rooms. We want you and your family to be comfortable and feel at ease throughout every appointment you have with us.


Now that you know 4 ways that we ensure a painless dental experience, are you ready to schedule your appointment or consultation with one of our leading dentists? We are ready to provide long-lasting, gentle dental treatment to you and your family!

Fortune favors the bold.
— Latin Proverb