Has it been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, and now you’re faced with several dental problems that must be fixed (we hope not)? Have you recently decided that you want a flawless, healthy smile, but you don’t know how much dental work that will involve? Well, no worries! Our full mouth reconstruction (FMR) dentists in Philadelphia perform extraordinary FMR procedures for qualified patients.

What is FMR?

Full mouth reconstruction (FMR) is also referred to as full mouth restoration or full mouth rehabilitation. The FMR procedure offers an excellent way to restore and revamp your entire mouth (upper and lower jaws). If our cosmetic dentists suggest FMR for your case, they will thoroughly evaluate your teeth in order to devise a treatment plan consisting of long-term solutions for your teeth problems.

What is involved with full mouth reconstruction?

By using a combination of dental services, they are able to solve your dental problems, resulting in a sensational, healthy smile. As such, depending on your dental issues, they might recommend a combination of cosmetic, general, or restorative dental procedures to deliver your new smile, including:

Who can receive full mouth reconstruction?

Our Philadelphia cosmetic dentists typically recommend full mouth reconstruction for patients who have extensive dental problems, and are seeking long-term solutions for a healthy smile. Actually, patients who exhibit the following dental problems are typically good candidates for FMR:

  • Multiple missing teeth, sometimes due to extensive tooth decay and/or trauma
  • Severely worn-down teeth, which is sometimes the result of long-term exposure to acid-eroding beverages and foods (or acid reflux), or teeth grinding
  • Severely decayed teeth throughout most of your mouth
  • Severely eroded enamel
  • Traumatic injury to the mouth or teeth, which can result in teeth that are broken, chipped, or fractured
  • Congenital disorders, causing missing teeth, missing enamel, or poorly-formed teeth
  • A deep bite (when the top teeth extend too far over the bottom teeth)
  • A patient who wants instant orthodontics on every tooth (with the use of veneers, bridges, Invisalign, or other restorations)
  • Those who consistently complain about muscle, jaw, and headache pain, which may also require adjustments to your bite (occlusion)

As you can see, full mouth reconstruction enhances your smile using a comprehensive and complex combination of dental solutions. Our full mouth reconstruction treatment delivers unparalleled results. Simply put—our dentists have the dental solutions to give you a healthy, gorgeous smile for many, many years to come!

Rest assured, our highly trained full mouth reconstruction dentists are equipped with decades of knowledge and skills to effectively recreate your smile, replacing any worn-out dentistry, too. You can feel confident in their high level of skills and training to offer you several dental solutions, including dental veneers, Invisalign, and full mouth reconstruction (among many others).

Are you ready to revitalize your smile?

Without a doubt, full mouth reconstruction necessitates a clear, systematic approach in order to restore all (or nearly all) of your teeth at once. By partaking in precise planning procedures, our full mouth reconstruction dentists will accurately decide the best dental services to give you a healthy, beautiful smile! If you’re ready to revitalize your smile after all of those years of neglect, we encourage you to call us at 484-498-2129 for your exam today!

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