When someone says “root canal” to you, what’s your first reaction? Do you cringe? What’s your immediate feeling? Anxiety? Fear?

At Dental Health Care Associates, there’s no need to feel that way if we ever discuss root canals with you. Our gentle root canals will solve all of your dental problems, while feeling comfortable and thankful for our dentists’ expertise!

We want you and your family to be comfortable and at ease before we begin any dental procedure. Our patient and professional dentists will take the time to listen to your concerns and educate you regarding any service that you’re interested in. We have many years of combined experience performing gentle root canals, while we place your comfortability and relaxation at the forefront.

Why do some people need a root canal?

Do you know why some people need a root canal? Well, the prime reason for a root canal is to save or repair the tooth that is severely decayed and/or infected. Since we know that decay can definitely lead to infections, we will perform the gentle root canal procedure within a short time period from the diagnosis. Actually, root canals at our dental office usually take between 1-3 in-office dental appointments—so you’ll be finished in no time!

What is involved in the root canal procedure?

The way to fully grasp what a root canal procedure entails is to learn about the two parts of the tooth it involves—the root canal, and the pulp (pulp chamber).

  • The natural area at your tooth’s center is called the root canal, which is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to the root of your tooth.
  • The pulp is the soft area inside of the root canal, where your tooth’s nerve also lies.
  • A root canal is needed when bacteria gains access into the canal, which sometimes causes the healthy pulp to get infected.
  • Fast, effective treatment at this point in time is critical so the infection does not spread. If the infection spreads, there’s only one option left—tooth extraction and replacement.
  • During the root canal procedure, after you are completely numb and comfortable using our sedation dentistry procedures, our dentists will fully clean the inside of your tooth where the pulp and nerve are located.
  • Then your tooth is resealed, and we will place a tooth-colored crown to seal the top of your tooth (a temporary crown will be used until the laboratory creates your permanent one).

So if you need a root canal, you can rely on our dentists to perform gentle root canals. Our Dental Health Care Associates proudly serve Delaware County, Chester, Media, and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions regarding the root canal procedure or any of other esthetic dentistry services, please feel free to call us for your exam.

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