Green / Eco Friendly Dental Office

Dental Health Care Associates is proud to be the first green dental office on the East Coast. We not only care about our patients but we also care about the environment and our impact as well. It all started with a simple statement- Lets recycle! Then here we are with a whole building built with 80% recycled materials.

It starts in our foyer were we have radiant flooring (tubes of heated water) that run under the flooring to heat our foyer. We have large windows allowing as much natural light in as possible. Over 75% of our office has daylight exposure.

Natural Lighting

Along with windows throughout we also have solar tubes to put natural light into our interior rooms. Where electrical lighting is necessary we use CFL’s (compact fluorescent light) which use 50- 75% less energy.

Geothermal Heating

Our office is heated and cooled throughout by geothermal wells that pull energy from the ground. We also use partial wind power for electricity. In our welcome area you will notice large walnut desks and display tables. These pieces of furniture were carved from a tree that fell down in one of the Dr.’s own backyard. The rest of our desks are made from lumber that came from a certified forest. A certified forest is one that harvests and replants trees. All of our furniture is Green Guard Certified. This means that it does not give any harmful chemical vapors.

Toxin Free Paint

All paint and glues used throughout our office are toxin/chemical free. Our floors were installed without using any toxic glue. Flooring was made with over 40% recycled plastic. Insulation was made from soy.

Digital X-Rays

We are chartless using computers which helps reduce and/or eliminate the amount of paper used. Our x-rays are digital not only reducing the amount of radiation to our patients, we no longer have to use the harsh chemicals to develop them.

Water Purification System

We have a water purification system that ensures all water going through our hand pieces and into our patients mouth is free of any impurities. We also reduce the amount of water used by having hand sanitizers in every room reducing water usage by 40%.

In our restrooms we have hand dryers that help us save over 10,000 paper towels a year. The sinks in the restrooms have a filtration system that ensures no mercury enters the water. The water from the sinks also help refill our toilets that way no water is wasted.

We have special screens in every room to prevent amalgam from entering the environment. Amalgam contains mercury that can be harmful.

Our office recycles cardboard, paper, and plastic. This ends up being 2/3 less trash in our land fill.

Outside you will notice our brick sidewalk. Each one of these bricks was taken from our existing building during our expansion.

We also have water free landscaping that requires no irrigation, they survive on rainfall alone.

Rocks in the parking lot area came from a local construction site as well from our own site.

More and more materials are being made for dentistry that are eco- friendly as well such as gauze and restorative materials.

Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.
— Thomas Edison