Have you ever noticed bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth, but didn’t think twice about it? Most people overlook bleeding gums, actually. Well, did you know that this could be a symptom of gum disease (periodontal disease)? If you have bleeding gums, and this concerns you, you can schedule your appointment today with one of our dentists. Just remember, prompt action is paramount for early detection and effective treatment.

Stages of gum disease

Based upon the evaluation of your symptoms, we will determine which of the following phases of gum disease your symptoms fall under:

  • Gingivitis—this is the first stage of gum disease when symptoms initially appear, but sometimes go unnoticed.
  • Periodontitis—during this stage, if not treated properly and quickly, irreversible damage to your teeth and gums can occur.
  • Advanced Periodontitis—this is the most advanced stage of gum disease in which some patients experience tooth loss.

Our gum disease treatment options

Most of our patients diagnosed with gum disease are unaware that they even have it. They live day in and day out and they simply overlook the few symptoms they have. When you come in for your periodontal checkup, we examine your x-rays, gums, and teeth, and teach you about gum disease. We then treat your symptoms using any of our gum disease treatments:

  • Scaling and root planing—this is an extremely effective method for treating gum disease before the condition worsens into advanced stages of gum disease. It is a deep cleaning process in which we clean between your teeth and gums, and actually down to the roots of your teeth. Sometimes a local anesthetic might be used to alleviate discomfort.
  • Arestin—this is an antibiotic used in conjunction with the scaling and root planing process. It is used to kill the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. We will painlessly place Arestin underneath your gumline into your affected gum pockets.
  • Laser pocket therapy—we use this innovative laser technology to shrink the inflammation caused by the bacteria, and to reduce the pocket depth. The laser helps eliminate bacterial infections caused by gum disease, while preparing your tooth and the pocket for proper healing and reattachment.

If you or a family member thinks you might have gum disease, or if you’d like to schedule a periodontal checkup for precautionary measures, we highly encourage you to schedule your consultation with us. The earlier you address your symptoms, the less likely they will advance to later stages of gum disease.

Receiving your treatment of gum disease by the Dental Health Care Associates is your first step to combating the war against gum disease. You shouldn’t wait any longer to achieve healthy, beautiful gums and teeth!

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