Invisalign: The Clear Alternative to Braces

At our office we offer a clear convenient way to straighten and brighten up your smile. Not only do you get the benefits of straighter teeth by the end of your treatment, but also whiter teeth because we include teeth whitening options, too!

Invisalign is a product that we truly believe in and have seen tremendous results with. You do not have to worry about uncomfortable braces scraping against your tongue or gums. Invisalign is a very comfortable way to give you the smile that you always wanted.

  • Clear Aligners are Virtually Invisible
  • Smooth Comfortable Plastic Aligners
  • Aligners are Removable for Easy Cleaning
  • Eat Whatever You Want

Appointments Every 4 Weeks

We recommend in-office appointments on a 4-week interval. At each visit, you will receive 2 sets of Invisalign aligners. We will show you how to remove and replace them at your first appointment. Every two weeks, you will change to your next set of aligners. We recommend changing your new set of aligners at bedtime to ensure that they stay in for an extended period of time without having to take them out. You need to take your aligners out when you eat and drink everything except water. Lastly, we supply you with a toothbrush and toothpaste for you to keep at work or in your car.

The Delivery Appointment

At your delivery appointment, we view your clin check together. Your clin check is a video that Invisalign provides, so you can see what your teeth look like now, and what they will look like at the conclusion of your case.

Three Invisalign Options

We have 3 options to offer with each Invisalign case-Full, Assist, and Teen. The great thing about Invisalign teen is each set of trays come with blue indicator buttons. These buttons will disappear as long as your teen is wearing them. If they do not wear them, the buttons will stay blue. This is a great way to ensure that your teen is wearing them as much as they should.

Your time in treatment will depend on how much teeth movement is needed. This is why we offer a free consultation. Doing this helps the doctor determine which case would be best for you, while giving you the opportunity to know everything you need to know before commitment. The cost does reflect the time of treatment, but in every way, it is well worth it.

Vivera Veneers

We also offer Vivera Retainers for an additional cost of $275.00 Vivera is a great program to keep your teeth in the proper retention that they need for a longer period of time. Usually with braces you only get one set of retainers. And they may not last more than one year. But with Vivera, you get 4 sets of retainers. The first set is delivered to you in our office and then the next 3 sets are delivered directly to your home. So not only is it cost effective, but very convenient and they will last you up to 4 years after your treatment is complete What is better than that?

Dental Healthcare Associates is one of the top providers in our area for Invisalign.

So not only is it cost effective and convenient, but they will last you up to 4 years after your treatment is complete– What is better than that?

Dental Healthcare Associates is one of the top providers in our area for Invisalign.

Put simply, we stand by what we believe in. We know that a straighter, brighter smile will give you the confidence you need and the happiness you deserve!

Thousands of patients are treated around the world successfully with Invisalign. Invisalign not only has aesthetic benefits but hygienic benefits as well. Teeth that are properly aligned can help with maintenance of healthier gums allowing for easier brushing, flossing, and tighter gums. When your teeth are aligned properly cleanings are easier due to less plaque retention and there is less abnormal wear. In addition, when your teeth are aligned there is less stress on supporting bone and jaw joints (helping prevent TMD)- a disorder of your TMJ.

Often teeth that are crowded can lead to risk of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) because of plaque and calculus buildup that can cause swollen gums.

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