If you live in or near Philadelphia, and are searching for a mercury-free dentist, you have definitely come to the right place! We only use the best dental materials that create amazing results, and keep you healthy at the same time. That is why we made the decision to use all mercury-free materials for our services.

Amazing attributes of e.max crowns

  • When patients need a dental crown, we use the e.max ceramic material. E.max is highly durable and creates natural-looking results.
  • It is comprised of a lithium disilicate glass ceramic material to give patients the best of both worlds—long-lasting results by using all-ceramic dental materials.
  • Furthermore, since they are made with strong, durable materials, e.max crowns have a lesser likelihood of being chipped or fractured. The e.max crowns have been known to last for several decades with proper, effective dental care.
  • Placing e.max crowns is easy to do with conventional cementing techniques and the E4d machine. We are properly trained to use the machine in order to customize and design your crown for a unique fit.
  • Our e.max crowns are, therefore, made without the metal infrastructure that were once typically used by many dentists around the world.
  • E.max is the healthier alternative due to its mercury-free, all-porcelain consistency.

With all of these attributes, our cosmetic dentists at Dental Health Care Associates are able to place your dental crown without the unattractive white line that sometimes appears when e.max is not used. When this happens, people can spot your crown from far away—and we don’t want you to experience that! Instead, by using e.max, we are able to match your natural tooth’s color consistency and physical attributes with the e.max all-porcelain crown.

Experience e.max crowns for yourself!

If you’re ready to experience the e.max difference for your dental crowns, contact our mercury-free dentist today! You can schedule your consultation appointment with our cosmetic dentists to see if e.max dental crowns are right for you!

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